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Picture: Pedro Vilela / MTur The great advantage of Tiradentes over the other cities on the Royal Road is its size; everything is concentrated in the historic center, which you can explore on foot. It's a place for you to take your time, alternating between the various fantastic restaurants in the city. The Santo Antônio Church impresses with its Baroque interior and concerts held on its centuries-old organ. Along the cobblestone streets, you'll find shops selling crafts, home decor, cachaça, cheeses, and sweets made in Minas Gerais.

(Picture: Pedro Vilela / MTur)

On weekends, the Maria Fumaça train connects Tiradentes to São João Del Rey, which also has a center with colonial houses and churches. Bichinho and Prado, two neighboring villages, are trips for those looking for inspiration to decorate their homes. For those who enjoy more contact with nature, the Serra de São José, which surrounds the city, offers many trails and viewpoints to admire the valley.


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Tiradentes, Minas Gerais


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