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Inhotim is one of the largest open-air museums and houses one of the most important collections of contemporary art and botany, in the world! Divided into several galleries and gardens, some of its monumental works are interacive, inviting visitors to feel them and sometimes even modify them.

Most visitors spend a day at Inhotim, but for the more curious and art-loving, you can easily spend two or even three days exploring there. This can be done in three ways: on foot, but be prepared for many hills, by buying a pass that allows guests to catch a ride on the golf carts that roam inside, or by renting one of these carts with a driver who also serves as a guide.

There are five places to eat, from hamburgers to an à la carte bistro, but the buffet at the Oiticica restaurant always has Minas Gerais culinary delights. Unmissable.

For those traveling the Royal Road, Inhotim is a beautiful addition that contrasts with the historical content of the other destinations. A stop here can be combined before or after visiting Ouro Preto, which is only two hours away.
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