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Carnival in Ouro Preto


The Carnival of Ouro Preto is a lively and unique celebration that combines tradition, culture, and joy. Located in Minas Gerais, the historic city becomes a stage for a vibrant celebration, with a focus on the famous "blocos caricatos" (characteristic blocks) and traditional carnival songs. The cobblestone streets come to life with the presence of revelers, students, and tourists, all immersed in the relaxed and festive atmosphere.

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Ouro Preto, with its colonial architecture and steep slopes, provides an authentic setting for the diverse cultural expressions that characterize this Carnival. Amidst colors, rhythms, and traditions, the Carnival of Ouro Preto offers a unique experience rooted in the city's rich history and contemporary vitality.

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Carnaval, Ouro Preto


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