Don't be just a watcher. Get all the excitement of the Carnival Parade.

It's easy to feel part of the party at Carnival in Rio. Brazilians are very warm, affectionate, people that like to have a good time. They're used to the influx of tourists every year for Carnival, It's always been that way. Carnival like a Native it's the best way for travelers to enjoy the true spirit of Carnival, and it is a great way to differentiate your Carnival program. Our exclusive, one of a kind package will let you live all the emotion and excitement of this special celebration.


By far the oldest, most widely enjoyed and, of course, cheapest form of Carnival revelry (free). The coming together of people, coming from the fun, loving carioca soul - some in elaborate costumes, some not - to dance, parade and party through the streets.

Each neighborhood in Rio has its favorite Bandas (bun-dush) or Blocos (blo-cush). They consist of an orchestra marching along a pre-determined route, followed by hordes of enthusiastic samba dancers dressed in costumes, bathing suits, plain clothes, and even in drag. The operation of a Banda is really quite simple. First people gather at some well known spot, such as a square or neighborhood bar. After a couple or more hours of concentration, the band starts marching its way down the streets. The show performed by drag queens is a“ must see“ !

Cordão do Bola Preta Saturday 16:00 Treze de Maio St. - Downtown
Banda de Ipanema Saturday 17:00 General Osório Square - Ipanema
Carmelita Friday and Tuesday 18:00 Largo das Neves – Santa Teresa
Simpatia é quase Amor Sunday 16:00 General Osório Square - Ipanema
Cordão do Boi Tatá Sunday 21st at 09:00 Praça XV – Downtown

Rio offers a wide selection of Carnival balls. You don't have to spend a lot of money to have a great time. A true Carnival Ball features live music. It's usually 2 bands taking turns, and sometimes there is a guest vocalist. Samba percussion is supposed to be very loud. Balls usually don't start until 11pm and go strong until sunrise. Costumes are not mandatory, with the exception of a few balls. Putting on something special will help people get in the right mood, though.

Copacabana Palace Ball: The most glamorous party in Rio
Always Saturday

The hotel magnificent salons are decorated in a special theme. This is where the cream of Rio society and the city’s celebrity can be seen. A live band plays in the Golden Room. A traditional carnival buffet is served and the party lasts until the wee hours. Dress requirements - Men - black tie or luxury costume / Women - Gala dress or luxury costume
The tables are for 06 (only in Golden Room), 10 and 12 people - therefore sharing with another guest will be the norm. Please note that standing ticket does not entitle the holder to a table reservation.

Carnival balls at Scala
Mangueira Ball
The traditional Mangueira samba school's rhythm plays during the ball.
Red and Black
(the “Red and Black Ball”) has developed a particular reputation as a no-holds-barred affair. Named after the colors of Rio's favorite football team, Flamengo, it's a media event with TV cameras scanning the crowds for famous faces.
Gala Gay
A fun event is the straight-friendly Scala Gay Costume Ball which stars exotic costumes, characters and grand entrances. People wear something colorful and fun.
Ticket prices vary between U$ 35,00 and U$ 60,00, and final Schedule of balls is only available about a month before carnival.

Carnival like a Native It's the best way for travelers to enjoy the true spirit of Carnival, and it is a great way to differentiate your Carnival program. Our exclusive, one of a kind package will let you live all the emotion and excitement of this special celebration.

Your client will be the honored guest of one of Rio's fabled "Samba Schools" . We will fit your client with their very own costume of the school. On parade night they will be transported to the Sambodrome and, in the company of our guide and fellow members of "Escola de Samba", they will participate in the unforgettable parade that is Carnival in Rio.

After Parading, we suggest they come and watch the rest of the parade. (In this case, they must buy the carnival ticket on the selected sector).

IMPORTANT - When purchasing the Carnival Custom, it is necessary for us to have some measurements: Shoe size and Clothing size S/M/L/XL.

Clients must pick up their costume at Blumar´s carnival headquarters (at a hotel to be informed). Personal delivery is possible and there will be a charge to be informed per costume

On parade day, our staff will be at the sambadrome, to give them full assistance going to concentration point before their parade, and bringing them back to their seat to continue watching the show.

Important - Parading time will depend on the selected Samba School schedule. This will only be availble 2 weeks before carnival.

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The best way for travelers to enjoy the true spirit of Carnival. Your clients will be able to experience the intense emotions of this special celebration as honored guests of one of Rio's legendary "Samba Schools". Wearing their very own costume from the school on parade night, they will be escorted to the Sambodrome with our guide and fellow members of "Escola de Samba".
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