According to legend, Brazil, “was blessed by God and is naturally beautiful”. Brazil is continental in size, the fourth largest national territory in the world. In fact, its land expanse is greater than Europe and larger than the continental United States .

A visit to Brazil means the discovery of a place touched with warm tropical sun and 5000 miles of white-sand beaches. As a whole, the country is bathed in sun year-round. It is a land of mango trees, music, dance and baroque colonial towns and villages. And of course, impressive cities of the 21st century, which offer opulence and sophistication.

Brazil´s allure lies not only in its climate, landscapes and architecture; it also lives in the people themselves. Brazilians are known for their cordial hospitality and friendliness, helping create the perfect environment for your travel.

From north to south, unique attractions are ready to amaze and excite participants from all walks of life are that interested in learning about new, different and fascinating destinations.

Brazil offers a wide variety of hotel accommodations ranging from deluxe resorts to cabins deep in the rain forest. Whether a posh traveler or thrifty student, Brazil´s diverse lodging options can cater to any budget. However you choose to make the most of your journey, know that warm beaches and warm people are waiting to help you form unforgettable memories.

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