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Diamantina doesn't receive as many visitors as its more famous sisters, Ouro Preto and Tiradentes, but those who visit discover that it's a blend of these last two cities. It has impressive houses and churches that reflect the wealth from the diamonds extracted here, yet it has maintained its atmosphere as a quiet little town.


In addition to its architectural ensemble, which was included on the World Heritage Site list in 1999, the city is located high in the Espinhaço mountain range, a region filled with natural beauty such as the Sentinela and Cristais waterfalls within the Biribiri State Park, and the Salitre Cave. One of the original sections of the Royal Road, the Caminho dos Escravos (Slaves' Path) showcases one stretch that was paved with stones by enslaved people.


One of the most anticipated events in Diamantina is the vesperata, a musical performance in the central square of the city where musicians play in the windows of houses while the audience watches from the street.

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Of course, Minas Gerais cuisine is an attraction in itself. Guests can tour the towns of Milho Verde and Serro and witness the production of the famous local cheese.
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